Clinical Retreats

Wellness retreat meets clinical research and technology

  Classic 4 Day Retreat Jamaica
  May 16 - 19 SOLD OUT
  June 22-25 $4500
* (Optional Discounts: -$1000 per ticket for double occupancy room when booked at same time)

* Have a group? Group discounts available upon request

-$250 research member discount: If you're up to help us with our research we'd like to offer you a discount!
Research includes vitals monitoring prior during and after the event, with followup questionnaires.

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Revolutionizing treatment with psychedelic medicine.

Wake’s Clinical Retreats are custom-designed and legal psilocybin experiences which create a holistic environment for personal growth and development.

While ceremonies and wellness modalities are a key component, these clinical retreats also function as part of a registered clinical research trial where we do personal assessments by gathering data through wearable technology, saliva, blood and questionnaires.

This information is shared with you through discussion with our clinical team, and allows us to give you a deeper understanding into your overall well being both mentally and physically. All information remains strictly confidential within the study and we provide you with a report and explanation of your results. You can ask that your name remain anonymous, or opt out of the research, but this work allows us help you more effectively, and support the broadening of this industry and push to make it more accessible to people in need of help.

When ancient practices and
cutting edge research come together

This is not simply a wellness retreat, rather a clinical-grade psilocybin-
assisted therapy experience designed to maximize the benefits of
psilocybin medicine and advance scientific research.

Three key components to our Psilocybin Clinical Immersion include:


Psilocybin ceremonies & integration

Our expert ceremony leader will guide you through your psilocybin journey, but the work doesn’t start or end with ceremonies. On non-ceremony days, you will be preparing by setting intentions, participating in yoga and breathwork classes, and working through the process of integration.

Pre-integration begins a minimum of two weeks prior to the event where our clinical team has a one on one call with you to review all relevant information and make sure you’re prepared with what you need mentally and physically. Post integration support after the event includes one on one calls and questionnaires over the following year to gather information, help keep you on a positive track and monitor results.


Wearable technology

Your participation at our Clinical Retreat is a part of a clinical research trial. Expert researchers and clinicians are working with us on this trial to make sure that we get the most of the data we’ll collect.

The research component of our work means that by analysing your data we will be able to create a precise prognostic tool that doctors will be able to use in determining if psilocybin is a good therapeutic option for people.


Clinical research

We will run a structured clinical assessment before and after psilocybin ceremonies, and each participant will receive a report after the event.

Your vitals will be captured by our onsite nurse or doctor through bloodwork, saliva testing and brain imaging. The information is monitored before and after your ceremony experience with wearable technology (heart rate, blood pressure, EEG) and the information will be discussed with you during and after the event. By measuring all these parameters, we can contribute to the creation of a clinical grade biomarker to help legitimize psychedelic medicine. We offer integration support before and after the event to help you prepare and better understand anything after that may comes up for you.
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Pharmaceutical grade
medicine you can trust.

Our naturally-derived Psilocybin is a registered drug that has been approved by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. Our psilocybin mushroom production, local in Jamaica, is built on empowerment and inclusion with a female-led mycology team initiative.

Guided by professionals in a safe environment

Come back to yourself amongst the rhythm of nature, and allow our team of trusted professionals to guide you through the process of traversing altered states of consciousness.

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Medical Professionals

Our physicians and nurses play a key role in preparation and post-integration, as well as onsite blood collection and consultation to help answer any questions you may have. They work hand in hand with our highly experienced psychedelic practitioners to create a seamless experience.


A landmark study published in the Lancet in 2010 examined the individual, societal, and global harms associated with 20 commonly used substances.

Ready to transform your life?

We hope you’ll join us, and look forward to welcoming you. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime to chat with our team, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.