Wake partners with the most innovative leaders and investors
to produce natural medicines with technology to
provide personalized psychedelic medicine.

Our Vision

A world where humans lead healthy and deeply fulfilling lives
because safe psychedelic therapies are accessible and wellness
practices are integrated into mainstream culture.


    Our Mission

    To create a world where natural psilocybin therapies
    and integration practices are the primary support
    for mental health.

    Transform healthcare

    Today, psychedelic therapies are only available as a last resort. We’re changing that. Human-centric, wellness-focused mental health care puts psychedelic therapies as the first line of treatment.

    Provide ongoing support

    Most companies that offer psychedelic therapies don’t offer the preparation and integration needed to achieve meaningful and lasting results. We’re making an integrative approach to health and wellness the gold standard.

    Democratize wellness

    Minorities are greatly underrepresented in psychedelic studies and safe access to these therapies is limited to a wealthy few. To create the world we want to live in, we’re helping make safe and effective psychedelic therapies accessible to all humans.

    Investor Relations