We create better solutions by studying the network that connects everything.

Fungi are


Fungi are the great connectors of the natural world. Underneath the ground, the mycelium network supports the life of entire forests by enabling the exchange of essential nutrients between plants. Inside the human body, fungi play a key role in triggering immune responses that are essential for our health.

But their benefits go beyond connection: fungi are agents of transformation. They help us filter water, clean up oil spills from oceans, and create medicines that save more lives than we can count.

Wake Network’s fungi production maximizes
the benefits of fungi at every
step of the production process.

Wake Network’s fungi
maximizes the
benefits of fungi at
every step of the
production process.


Supporting the environment

Our production uses a sustainable feedback loop to create a circular economy and generate zero waste.


Shaping communities

Built on empowerment and inclusion with an all-women mycology team and decentralized farming initiatives that sustain families and stimulate the Jamaican economy.


Transforming human health

Medicinal mushrooms are used to increase energy, immunity, and focus, while psilocybin-containing mushrooms can be used to treat PTSD, anxiety and treatment-resistant depression.

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A better way of
growing Psilocybin

Wake Network is building a facility to produce federally approved, lab–verified psilocybin in Jamaica.


We are committed to a process that yields mushrooms that are free of contaminants and heavy metals.

Biologic Drug Development

Wake Network is bioengineering enzymatic modifiers for psychedelic compounds. We have a unique position for drug development Iwith extended market access exclusivity.


Our Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in ancient medicines around the world to support immunity, reduce inflammation and manage cellular stress.


Our medicinal mushrooms are organic, free of fillers, sustainably sourced, and tested for active compounds.