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The Wake
Genomics Project

In partnership with the Lieber Institute for Brain Development Maltz Research Laboratories (LIBD), Wake is developing a cutting-edge genetics-based research initiative for safe administration of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

The Wake Genomics Project will be a laboratory screening process integrated with a one of a kind cloud-based AI-Reference library of genetics.

Clinical Trials

Fungi TypeProductionProduct DevelopmentIRB ApprovalTrial RegistrationDrug RegistrationRecruitment Begins
Fungi Based Microdose
Focus: Anxiety and Depression
Fungi Based Microdose
Focus: PTSD (Health Disparity Focused)
Fungi Based Microdose
Focus: PTSD (Health Disparity Focused)

Athletic T.B.I Study

Wake is developing a Traumatic Brain Injury study in collaboration with the University of West Indies, Lieber Institute for Brain Development and our partners. This is the first study that brings a genetics-based approach to study the effects of psilocybin on Traumatic Brain Injury. Wake is building an Athletic Council dedicated to research, recruitment and awareness on TBI and psilocybin as a therapeutic.

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