These are gatherings hosted by Wake’s trained
professionals, harnessing multiple healing
modalities with a focus on advanced mushrooms
and clinical technology to create a foundation for
personal transformation. Wake’s goal is to
advance scientific knowledge around the healing
power of mushrooms.


Summer 2020

4-day and 6-day

Luxury accomodations & full meals in Santa
Cruz’s tropical paradise

What to expect

Journaling and intentions

Journalling and intention setting are a crucial part of the process when working with fungi & plant medicines. You will be given guidance from our team to set powerful intentions. You will also be encouraged to journal about your experiences, lessons, and goals going forward.

Breath & Yoga

Our Vinyasa yoga practice is designed to delve into non-ordinary states of consciousness. You will be led and guided through this every step of the way. You will learn breathing techniques to open the subconscious mind and release stagnant energy.

Advanced Mushrooms with Wearable Technology

Wake has partnered with industry leaders of clinical research and biomedical technology. With these advanced tools we can track patient progress, optimize dosage and monitor vitals in real-time.


The process of integration begins after your ceremony. We will teach you how to take the lessons learned during your time at the Clinical Immersion, and apply it to your life. Integration will continue long after your life changing experience.


Jamaica clinical immersion

Date TBD Group Size Up to 30 people

Join us in the mountains of Jamaica this year.

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