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Functional mushrooms have been shown by the scientific community to offer exceptional benefits to the mind & body. These benefits far surpass nutrition alone, leading to dramatic shifts in lifestyle & perspective. Regular mushroom supplementation has the potential to radically overhaul your entire operating system.

Our Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy employs a range of holistic modalities shown to support and increment wellbeing. Our patients will receive Breathwork, Sound Therapy and Yoga from experienced professionals.

Jamaica is an up-and-coming tropical destination that is carving away a niche in wellness travel. Similar to Bali and Ibiza before they became over-popularized, Jamaica still benefits from a pristine, intimate environment.

Yes, psilocybin is legal in Jamaica. Wake supports the medical community that is working towards legalization in the US and Canada. Many other countries have legalized the cultivation and use of psychoactive mushrooms.

Scientific researchers are undergoing clinical studies to show mushrooms containing psilocybin should be reclassified for medical use. It’s potential to treat depression, anxiety and substance use disorders could prove to be more effective than conventional therapies.

Wake is furthering the field of fungi and plant-based medicine by leveraging the leading edge of clinical research, wellness professionals and technology to lead the future of mental and holistic health. We stand at a fascinating juncture of the future, where plant-medicine and technology may enhance the quality of human wellbeing. Our clinical approach means all we can test and track the benefits of fungi in real-time.

To further understand the healing potential of these mushrooms, we’ve developed a gold-standard regenerative feedback loop that allows us to research, monitor and incorporate results from clinical studies on a one-to-one basis. Wake is using research to shape the future of personalized medicine through fungi, eradicating the ambiguous results that mass, commercialized healthcare brings.

Your unique biological profile will be taken to identify your needs, and Wake’s clinical team will use this information to customize your supplement intake for targeted benefits. As we nourish your internal ecosystem, Wake will track and make further recommendations for optimal performance. Wake acts as a one-to-one remote medical coach, providing easy-to-understand data so you can oversee your health improvements in real-time. You can learn more about how personalized fungi medicine can work for you here.

Our research is critical to offering best-in-class supplements, but you can opt-out of participating in our research while still benefiting from our products and expertise. However if you choose to become a member of our research community, you will not only help forward leading knowledge in the mushroom world, but we will also reward you with a loyalty plan that translates into less financial investment for your well being.

Our mushroom formulas and clinical therapies are created with GMP-certified organic fungi cultivated by our specialized professionals, using best-in-class methodology, clean processing, real-world data and ongoing clinical evidence.

No, you won’t experience any psychoactive activity with functional mushrooms. However we do offer a deeper level of healing with advanced mushrooms containing psilocybin. Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound being investigated by the scientific community for its potential to restructure brain cells and heal trauma, disorders and illness. You can learn more about our clinical immersions with psilocybin here.

Patients participate in Psilocybin Group Therapy Sessions under the supervision and guidance of our clinical professionals. We employ clinical measures to track and monitor patient progress while providing a warm, intimate environment where guests can will feel safe, supported and cared for.

Guests ingesting psilocybin may experience light physical discomfort and potentially challenging moments as they confront underlying traumas. Our clinical therapists will be on hand for support at all times.

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or psychosis, we recommend you start with our functional mushroom supplements. We assess all potential patients before accepting them onto our Clinical Immersions.