Hartle’s Ethical Access to Relief Therapy

Nov 1-5 $4,500 USD*
Nov 14-18 $4,500 USD*
Nov 24-28 $4,500 USD*
*$4,500 is for private $3,500 shared ($2000 for caregiver)

As part of a charter challenge I am involved with to try and change Canada’s current drug laws, I have been hoping to reach Canada’s health minister Jean-Yves Duclos. Currently, Minister Duclos is the gatekeeper who is capable of granting or restricting access to psilocybin assisted therapy, which has proven to be incredibly effective for myself, and other patients who are suffering from end of life distress, and other conditions.

As I require psilocybin treatment to alleviate my anxiety, I have partnered with Wake Network to offer my fellow Canadians in need to legally experience psilocybin in a safe, controlled setting in Jamaica.