An NHL fighter’s story of mental health recovery using mushrooms

As an ex-hockey player for the Philly Flyers I played in over 160 games and got into over 250 fights. With all the concussions I received, I knew I had caused some physical damage to my brain. When I left hockey I had PTSD, substance abuse issues and I was macro and microdosing on psilocybin and THC.

Aug 2020

A Military Family Couple Find Clarity and Healing

I suffer from anxiety and depression. I also have secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lot of it falls from a lot of childhood trauma that I'm starting to kind of wade through therapy, but a lot of it is being a caregiver and a spouse to a military member who has psychological wounds of trauma.

Aug 2020

How and Artist and Mother Turned Her Pain Into Fuel

How An Artist and Mother Turned Her Pain Into Fuel Jessica’s Story Can you tell me your personal story? My trauma is rooted in what you would call the female experience. I went through 3 miscarriages over long periods of time. In the chunks of time between miscarriages I thought I was doing ok, but […]

Jun 2020

One US Marine vet’s journey to enlightenment

One US Marine Vet’s Journey to Englightment Alex’s Story Can you tell me your personal story? I’m a veteran who carried around some childhood emotional childhood trauma, which I’m sure wasn’t helped by my military experience. I started to suffer from anxiety and insomnia, which could manifest in no sleep or simply poor fits of […]

May 2020